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G'day. My name is Christopher Johnson and you've reached my humble portfolio which contains bits and pieces that I've created over the years. I've decided to post as much as I can in order to show where I've come from and in what ways I've improved. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy what you see. If you have any questions then feel free to contact me. Chris.

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Archive for January, 2010

Everything Shall Come to an End

Everything Shall Come to an End was developed for the first week long Game Jam for the University of Adelaide Games Development Club. The title of this game is the same as the theme. In this game you exist in a circular world and must try to exist between the beginning and the end.

Completion Date: January 3rd 2010
Development Time: 2 days
Programming Language: C++
Contributors: None
Licence: GPL
Video: Watch Everything Shall Come to an End in action
Download Game: WindowsMacLinux(Source)
Download Source: Download

cjohnson.id.au Design

This is a template that I created for my Games Portfolio website that you can visit at cjohnson.id.au. The site was designed in Fireworks and converted into a WordPress template.

Completion Date: 2010
Development Time: 2 days
Tools used: Fireworks MX
Contributors: None
Licence: GPL
View Demo: Click to View Demo

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