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Welcome to the Comshop website.


Our website aims to create a resource in which everyone can access to find out more information about mobile telecommunication. This site accompies our store so if you are uneasy about buying products online then they will be readily avliable at our own local store.

You can browse through some of the latest mobile phones and create a package to suit you with our plan calculator. Please note that an Adobe Flash player is required to view the calculator.

If you are unfamilar with mobile phones then be sure to check out the phone features list which can keep you up to date on the latest advancements with mobile telecommunication. You can also see what phones we offer that come with these features.

A contact page has also been created so if you need to find out a bit more information about that phone that appeals to you then you can email, call or visit our local store.

Nokia 1100
This sleek device is only $80 when you buy any other phone from our Nokia range.

Nokia 5500
Currently only $500 when you subscribe for 12 months with any phone plan.