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G'day. My name is Christopher Johnson and you've reached my humble portfolio which contains bits and pieces that I've created over the years. I've decided to post as much as I can in order to show where I've come from and in what ways I've improved. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy what you see. If you have any questions then feel free to contact me. Chris.

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GUI Generator

GUI Generator was my final year project and part of the Software Engineering Group Project 2 at the University of Adelaide. In this project I worked with Thomas Davis in creating the GUI Generator for Rising Sun Pictures.

The GUI Generator takes in a YAML file that specifies job information for a rendering farm job and creates a user interface to submit jobs to the farm. The user interface can be customised with the use of expressions, a simplified language that allows you to specify more complex properties in the GUI.

The project also contains various scripts for post commit emails that send build, testing reports, generates documentation and subversion statistics.

Completion Date: November 2010
Development Time: 9 Months
Programming Language: C++ with QT
Contributors: Thomas Davis
Code Snippets: C++ Snippets

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